Amalfi Coast


The Amalfi Coast, a dramatic stretch of coastline on the southern coast of the Salerno Gulf near Naples, has been a place to go to for visitors from all over the world since Roman times.

Much has been written by famous poets and artists about this little corner of Paradise in Italy , but no word can really describe the beauty of its white and pastel color fisher men houses, perched on sea cliffs overlooking the turquoise shimmering sea, the narrow twisting roads, the contrast between the blue of the sea and the green of the Mediterranean vegetation with its perfumed citrus trees.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the uniqueness of its natural landscape, this glittering jewel of the Mediterranean Sea in Italy is the perfect spot for a memorable Destination Wedding in the Italian Amalfi Coast!

Positano, Amalfi, Ravello,  and the other small charming villages on the Amalfi coast offer a wide selection of luxury wedding locations in Amalfi coast, from antique medieval towers to stunning sea-view terraces, from luxury hotels to intimate restaurants and elegant private villas with beautiful gardens.

Positano is a particular favorite, with a colorful cascade of hillside buildings and boutique shops right alongside the working marina. The climate, friendly warm people and outstanding natural beauty of this part of Italy have been attracting admirers for centuries. Across from the town of Amalfi, is the island of Capri, Italy‘s most glamorous seaside getaway.

Rugged terrain, clinging cliffside roads, scenic beauty, and tiled picturesque towns make the Amalfi Coast the most beautiful stretch of shoreline in Italy. Strong traditions, classical ruins, and breathtaking views. National Geographic calls the Amalfi Coast “Paradise found”.

A lesser-known gem is the garden isle of Ischia, across the Bay of Naples from Capri.

This beautiful island is made up of spectacular cliffs and caves, Moorish architecture, tiny town squares, and narrow, medieval alleyways. The village of Ravello, known as the “town of music”, has breathtaking views and irresistible romantic gardens for your Luxury wedding in Italy.

Undisputed beauty, excellent food, folkloristic traditions, warm hospitality make the so-called Divina Coast the idyllic setting for your Luxury Destination wedding In Italy in the Amalfy Coast to  celebrate La Dolce Vita!