Ktima Hatzi Wedding – Athens Wedding

Now that I found you, I will never be lost again. Our love is the compass of our life.

The guests and the couple arrived at the venue, which was hidden within the mountains, in the early evening. Taking their place at their customized table, next to the pool, in order to celebrate the creation of this new family.

Every table found their light under the magnificent hanging chandeliers. Tables covered with compositions of graceful white orchids and peonies, candles and minor gold elements. This white and gold theme flowed naturally from dusk to dawn.

Personally engraved compasses were given as gifts to all the guests to highlight the theme that love is the compass of life. Once love guides you in finding your way, you will always know where your home is.

Bride & Groom: Yasmine & George | Location: Ktima Hatzi | Photographer: Lambros Papanikolatos