Villa Treville


Planning a destination wedding in Italy? Then you do not have to think twice about celebrating your luxurious wedding in Amalfi Coast in Positano  for an unforgettable Italian wedding celebrating La dolce Vita. Our Italian wedding planning services are always by your side for you and your loved ones, to make sure one of the most exclusive wedding destination in Italy Villa Treville will host your enchanting affair.

Impeccably designed to frame your big day, Amalfi Coast destination is renowned for celebrating a milestone – be it a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday party – our Amalfi Coast wedding planner services are designed for lovers of style and romance, but also for high-end Italian weddings. Our priority is to implement your Amalfi Coast Italian wedding with the most enchanting details, florals, entertainment and exclusive experiences. A masterpiece-paint of your romantic story. Whether you wish to have a luxury micro-wedding in Amalfi Coast and especially in Positano, or a grand, luxury wedding in the rest of Amalfi Coast, your vision will become a seamless reality.

If you dream a fabulous location for your destination wedding in Italy, you will not find a  more romantic place thanPositano?

Colorful houses tumbling down the cliffside to the water below, and the sea breeze sweet with the scent of citrus blossoms and jasmine…

Endless blue above and below, in the turquoise sea and azure sky. Let yourself fall in love with Positano! The beauty of Positano is in the sweeping views, the local cuisine, the scent of lemon trees. And Villa Treville, set above it all, is the perfect location to fall in love with the best of Italy’s fabled Amalfi Coast.

Villa Treville is a unique, boutique hideaway set within a spectacular, cliffside estate overlooking the clear blue waters of Positano.

The property is the first 5 star luxury hotel villa complex on the Amalfi Coast where emphasis is created with the same meticulous attention to every detail ensuring well-deserved time out to relax and recharge.

At Villa Treville, it’s easy to settle in. Soothed by the views, spoiled by the staff, as relaxed as you are in your own home, but with that extra something to make your stay unforgettable, at Villa Treville you will experience an intimate and discreet experience with the highest level of service and exclusive access to premium facilities.

As your Amalfi Coast wedding planners, we will make sure no detail, no matter how minute is left to chance. Every element from your event florals, to your Amalfi Coast event reception, to your entertainment and the culinary royal treatment of your guests is bound for perfection.

We can’t wait to help you plan your nuptials in Italy in Amalfi Coast and oversee your event preps in Villa Treville, curate your reception dinner. Allow our Amalfi Coast wedding planning services to give you guidance throughout your entire destination wedding in Italy, your Italian wedding party and your post-wedding brunch in Amalfi Coast.  We have already began to accept wedding planning bookings for Amalfi Coast weddings in 2021 and 2022, so contact us directly to let you in on the most exclusive wedding venues in Italy, and be ready to live La dolce Vita for un unforgettable experience!