A Grecian Dream – Private Wedding at Four Seasons, Athens

Nestled in the heart of Athens, Greece, this private wedding at the Four Seasons, on Nafsika estate was nothing short of a Grecian dream. The ethereal beauty of this celebration unfolded against the backdrop of ancient history and modern luxury.

As guests entered the Nafsika estate, they were greeted by the grandeur of the Four Seasons, a venue that seamlessly blends opulence with a sense of timeless charm. The ceremony took place under the Athenian sky, surrounded by lush greenery and the subtle scent of blooming flowers.

The celebration continued into the night, with the reception adorned in classic Grecian elegance. White and gold accents complemented the natural beauty of the surroundings, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and romance. The Mediterranean cuisine added a flavorful touch to the evening, as guests indulged in the finest Greek delicacies.

Every moment was a testament to a love story, and the expertly captured photographs by the Anna Rousos showcased the joy, laughter, and pure happiness that radiated throughout the day. From the exchange of vows to the lively dance floor, the Four Seasons at Nafsika estate bore witness to a wedding that will be etched in the hearts of everyone fortunate enough to attend.

Join us in reliving the magic of this wedding through the captivating snapshots that immortalize a love story set against the stunning backdrop of Athens, Greece


Bride and Groom: Private | Venue: Four Seasons Nafsika Athens | Photographer: Anna Roussos