Hot Air Balloon Christening @ Island Restaurant , Varkiza , Athens

    It’s impossible not to smile when you see ballons, whether you are a child or an adult! In this hot air ballon christening of Alexis you will adore the bright, happy palette of light green, tangerine, pool blue and minty aqua, combined with the oodles of air balloons reflected in every single detail!...

Nautical Yellow Submarine Christening @ Nautikos Omilos Piraeus

    “So we sailed up to the sun till we found the sea of green… And we lived beneath the waves in our yellow submarine” Mingling the bright and lively with the cool and elegant, this yellow and marine blue palette reflects the unique themed Christening of Adriannos at Piraeus Yacht Club. Bold and...

Cupcake Christening @ Private Villa , Ecali , Athens

    This is probably the sweetest christening of them all!!! How couldn’t be with a theme as luscious as cupcakes! This is the greatest dose of sweetness that we have ever created for the christening of little Despoina! The decorations included whimsical cupcake designs on wishing cards, escort cards, napkins as long as polka...

Pink Fairy Tale Christening @ Kefalari , Athens

    Sometime farytales do come true… And we have proved that by creating a dreamy magical atmosphere for Emmelia’s Christening at Kefalari. A soft palette of pinks play up the princess look of the decoration, while silver and crystall tones sparkle a bit of fantasy and fun! Heart shaped baptism favors and cupcake treats...

Forever In Never Never Land @ Nammos , Mykonos

    “All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust” This are the essential “ingredients” that created Neverland… And yet…we added even more…passion, unlimited imagination and fantasy in order to transform Nammos into the new greek Neverland for the christening of Peter and Panagiotis (Peter Pan!!!). The beach became the enchanted...

Colourful Backyard Circus Christening @ Kifisia , Athens

    Circus theme couldn’t be more popular for children and especially a christening! Pavlos after Christening party was foul of vividness and joy! The stripes, the colours and the childhood charm of the circus theme lends itself to a happy and cheerful celebration! We truly adore the playful touches that the ribbons, the paper...