A match made in heaven: Celebrating love at Island Residence | Anastasia & Joseph


Anastasia’s & Josepf’s wedding day was a true celebration of their love. From the moment they exchanged their vows, their happiness was palpable. Their eyes sparkled with joy, and their smiles never faded. The ceremony took place at Panagia Faneromeni at Vouliagmeni.

As the reception began in Island Residence, the couple danced together for the first time as husband and wife, wrapped in each other’s arms. It was as if no one else was in the room – they were lost in the moment and in love.

Throughout the night, they stole glances at each other, holding hands and sharing secret smiles. When they spoke to each other, their voices were filled with tenderness and affection. Their love was contagious, and it brought tears to the eyes of many of their guests.

As the night went on, the couple’s love only grew stronger. They laughed, they danced, and they celebrated their union with the people they loved most.

As the night drew to a close, the couple was surrounded by their loved ones, who lifted them up in chairs for a dance. They looked at each other, beaming with happiness, and knew that their love would only continue to grow stronger with each passing day.

This wedding day was a testament to the power of love. It was a day filled with warmth, happiness, and the promise of a beautiful future together

Let Anna Roussos, show you the true essence and beauty of this unforgettable wedding day.

May your love for each other continue to grow stronger with each passing day, Anastasia & Josepf!

Bride and Groom: Anastasia and Joseph | Venue: Island Residence | Photographer: Anna Rousos