An amazing wedding in Chrysopigi and Lazarou Beach | Sifnos Weddings


From our photographer :

Let’s see where I should start from. I had so many amazing feelings from my 3 days experience in Sifnos that I need to be sure I have the right words! Well I guess, with the most important one, the people. Being a wedding photographer has to do mostly with people. No matter how good the light is, no matter how good a background or how expensive a wedding dress is, it always has to do with people. Being in Sifnos with George and Ainee was an experience like few. Their families and friends embraced me and my associate from the minute we stepped foot on the island. They made us feel like their friends and that we were part of the fun! I feel also that Sifnos has some positive vibes as an island and I surely consider it one of my favorites in Cyclades!

So, let me explain shortly the story of this wedding…

Day 1 : The welcoming pre-wedding party

The day began at villa Verina, where the was planned for George and his groomsmen to pass certain challenges in order to get Ainee’s aproovement. The challenges posed by the bridesmaids seemed to trouble the guys at first but after a while they got the grip of it and caused a lot of laughter from everyone!

Day 2: The wedding day

Good times, good vibes! The wedding day in Sifnos was so filled with good vibes, a great atmosphere! Beautiful decoration and details, lots and lots of smiles and emotional moments! A photographer’s joyride. I love my work for giving me opportunities to witness all this from close up. I believe strongly that wedding photography is to tell a story, the story of a couple and their guests enjoying the wedding events. It’s more than shooting details and portraits. It’s about being able to be there, understand what is happening and capture the best moments as they unravel. If you feel by looking at my images, you understand the story of the day and you don’t miss a part, then I should consider myself successful. Enjoy one of the most amazing weddings in Sifnos!

Day 3: The next day

If you are in Sifnos, you have to exploit the beauty of this greek island! And if you have this couple as models, it can’t get any better.



Bride & Groom : Ainee & George | Location : Lazarou beach Sifnos | Photographer : Elias Kordelakos | Videographer