Athens Riviera Destination Wedding | Island Private House Wedding


“Athens Riviera Destination Wedding”

Choose a seat not a side we are all family once the knot is tied!

Nothing could stop this warm, outgoing and welcoming couple, not even the short torrential rain, from enjoying their wedding festivities until the early morning hours.

Jenny walked the aisle  through a handmade macrame towards to a garden gazebo that came right out her childhood dreams

Circular wooden tree pallets were used as a base for the natural earth color flowers. Compositions of baby pink garden roses, white carnations and wild tree elements were lightened up through the use of candles. The centerpieces projecting loving colors embraced the love and warmth of the couple and their friends.

“The string of beautiful things starting to happen as one decides to spread the love and kindness and to voluntarily assist their fellow humans is beyond me. Turns out one of them can be a love story that will forever change a life, and lead you to the “one”; which is exactly how the story evolved for this German beauty and her South African groom.

Soon, chic meets the free spirit in this evidently captivating Athens Riviera destination wedding, where the bridesmaids blossom in a dazzling splash of cerulean blue and a queen of bohemia bride radiates like a genteel Tiger Swallowtail.

The calming air of quiet luxury about Island that makes the frenetic pace of life dissipate as soon as one arrives in the most transient, multi-cultural melting pot of a city where anything goes and nothing stands still. A perfectly indulgent landscape for joyful guests to dine and as the night falls festivities that won’t cease till morning. Simply perfect!”

“By Sotiris Tsakanikas



Bride & Groom: Jenny and Wissam | Location: Island Art and Taste – Residence & Private house | Photographer: Sotiris Tsakanikas