Brazilian White Party With A Speck Of Gold Santa Marina Mykonos

A white fairy walked upon the earth to make the celebration of a special day among precious people , family & friends a real fairytale.

Inspiration coming from the Mykonos white ,  the blue of the ocean and the reflections of the lights onto the rocks of this unique and private bay of Santa Marina Mykonos Resort…

A breathtaking location into the mystique of the cycladic aesthetic .

An Essential Grace of the white,  that embraces the purity, innocence and completeness, fulfills a perfect summer celebration.

Bright flashing colors in total harmony with the nature of the island .

Everything sparkled till the morning cause at the end of the night…is all about  LOVE !!!

 Photography : Marq Riley  – Lambros Papanikolatos / Location : Santa Marina Resort  , Mykonos