Burgundy Wedding in Mykonos | Alemagou Mykonos Weddings

After a holiday touring the Greek islands, a burgundy wedding in Mykonos led to two individuals joining together to become one. From this day forward they would no longer walk alone, they would be each other’s shelter and home.

The atmosphere was set up through candles, dangling from above making their way into the crowd of guests. The beautiful scent from the colorful pink, burgundy, red and white flowers took over the venue.

As wedding planners, we were enthusiastic to be a part of a wedding in which the couple wanted to do things differently. To begin with, guests were intrigued to find hidden in the flowers elements of vanillas, grapes and figs. The newlyweds then stunned their guests with a savory table instead of a dessert welcome table. A table covered with flowers, green leaves and mouthwatering cheese and fruit platters.

After indulging on Greek traditional food and drinks, the newlyweds and their guests danced the night away under the light of a thousand stars.

Their new adventure just began …

Bride & Groom : Shamini & Athan | Location : Alemagou Mykonos | Photographer : Nikola Janev