Hana and Aly’s elegant wedding had our greenery-loving hearts aflutter! Married in the Athenian Riviera, at the exquisite Island Residence, the couple wished to keep everything light and organic in accord with the verdant surroundings of their luxurious venue.

Bringing their vision to life, we incorporated canopies of fresh foliage, ferns, eucalyptus, ruscus, amaranthus, myrtle, and olive branches with a few pops of pinks and porcelain whites, in order to create a revitalizing and classically chic feel.

Caped by greenery-heavy floral installations, arches, massive floral arrangements, and crystal chandeliers added more glamour to the long, slender leaves, maintaining the minimalist look.

Bundles of stunning greenery centerpieces bound with peonies, hydrangeas, garden roses, Queen Anne’s lace and ……………. beautifully decorated the tables, aside intricate rustic frames, votive candles, Baccarat candelabra, and superb flatware and linens, all in white, gold and green tones.

Hana and Aly’s way of catering to their guests’ sweet tooth included a rustic farm table topped with large emerald glass vases.  Fab pastry creations, themed after gold and green olives, leafy and aurelian macarons and “koufeta” (bonbons), tiers of pops, syrupy delights, as well as an assortment of small and larger cakes, kept our dessert bar on a super sweet and stylish note.

Wedding favors galore were perfectly placed on repurposed rustic tables and benches. Goodie bags filled with organic products for all, hand-made filigree parasols, monogrammed gilded pendants, hand fans and timbrels bound with olive leaves and ribbons for the ladies, and fedora hats made to order for the gentlemen, gracefully placed on a frame and ready to pick up.

We were so delighted to integrate a whooping metal gazebo styled with long cascades of trailing vines and orchids. The tree trunks and pavements of the gardens were all invested with a sea of candles and fairy lights all adding a fairytale twist to our elegant reception.

Styling the bride and groom’s getaway mobile with matching to the overall floral design blooms, gave us the perfect excuse to admire this vintage classic Mercedes, which honked its happy horn late at night as the newlyweds took off in superb style.





Bride & Groom: Hana and Aly | Location: Athens Island Residence  | Photographer: Anna Roussos | Set up Photographer: Sandy and Odysseas