Elegant Sunset Wedding in Mykonos | Private Villa Mykonos

A Greek-Korean bride, an Australian groom and an overwhelmingly elegant romance for their special day!

Christina and Rudy have travelled all around the world to find the perfect place for their wedding, and they did. Falling in love with the Myconian aesthetics and the blue of the Aegean they made a choice for their wedding destination, which turned into a unique experience.

The lovely couple exchanged their vows in the exclusivity of a private villa overlooking the sunset as the sun dived into the sea. The amazing goldish palette of colours fill up the space during the sunset wedding in Mykonos

and hanging lanterns from the villa’s pergolas created a mystical ambience for Christina and Rudy’s dream day. The elegant white décor, full of hydrangeas, roses and peonies, with a light touch of gold, composed the perfect scenery to accompany the couple in their union. And the feast that followed it was simply magical…


… While the Sea was drinking the Sun …. The Elegance rose on Us !!!

Bride & Groom : Christina & Rudy /  Photography :Nikos Psathoyiannakis  / Location :Private Villa Mykonos