Florals & Floral Decor


When it comes to your wedding colors, textures and special wedding day feeling so much depends on the florals you opt for. From bouquets and boutonnieres, to petal toss down the aisle of your ceremony, your cake and artistic creations, your table centerpieces and spanning installations, the ceiling of your reception, even the cocktails you serve to your guests, florals set the entire mood of the big day for you and your guests. The 12 Events in house floral services work on your floral vision as an element of your greater design, to personalize and express your personality to perfection. Following your instructions we will advise and guide you through every season’s best blooms, provide stylized recommendations for your every arrangements and let you into the secret language that flowers speak for your events, their symbolism, their palettes, their combinations and the most unique ways to incorporate them into your celebration and overall wedding decor. Are you inspired by the walled florescence of the Dior fashion shows? Do you plan on wearing Chanel? Is your fashion in tune with your flowers? For all that and so much more The 12 Events is happy to take any challenge and turn it into an art form.

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