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Planning a destination wedding in Greece? Then you do not have to think twice celebrating your luxurious wedding in Mykonos island in Hippie Fish with an out-of-this-world Greek island wedding. Our Hippie FIsh wedding planner services are here for you and your loved ones, to make sure one of the most exclusive and unique wedding venues in the magical island of Mykonos – Hippie Fish will host your romantic and beautiful love story.

Impeccably designed to frame your big dream day, Mykonos destination is renowned for celebrations, fun and 5-star experiences, our Hippie Fish wedding planner services are designed for lovers of uniqueness and excitement, but also for high-end Greece Weddings. Our priority is to implement your Hippie Fish wedding with the most opulent details, floral arrangements, entertainment and exclusive experiences. Whether you wish to have a luxury micro-wedding in this magical island of Cyclades, or a grand, luxury wedding in Hippie Fish, your vision will become a seamless reality.

With no any doubt, every wedding in Hippie Fish is filled to a wide brim with elegance and style. Our destination wedding clients love the island of Mykonos for the steeped in this amazing and unique lifestyle, surrounded by narrow streets and paths under the view of incredible whitewashed houses with blue details inspired by endless blue of the Mediterranean Sea, but let us say that Mykonos weddings are more than that. Ideal for a 3-to-5-day destination wedding in Greece Mykonos will spoil you and your guests with the most outshine lifestyle experiences, fusion cuisine and unforgettable images that you will keep with you for many years to come. As your Hippie Fish wedding planners, we will make sure no detail, no matter how minute is left to chance. Every element from your wedding floral arrangements, to your Hippie Fish wedding reception, to your entertainment and the culinary royal treatment and services for your guests is bound to perfection.

We can’t wait to assist you plan your nuptials in Hippie Fish and oversee your wedding preps in one of some great villas or hotel suites that Mykonos has to offer with contemporary decoration and amazing styles for every taste. Allow our Hippie Fish wedding planning services to give you guidance throughout your entire destination wedding in Greece, your Hippie Fish wedding party.  We have already begun to accept wedding planning bookings for Hippie Fish weddings in 2021 and 2022, so contact us directly to let you in on the most exclusive wedding destination in Greece.

Hippie Fish Restaurant Mykonos makes eating & drinking a special experience. Discover the ingredients of a loving relationship between Feeling and Tasting! A truly unique restaurant because of the food obviously, but also because of the location, seating comfort, service, the management and staff , the surroundings and the general ambience. Well, apart of all these the key is to seek Uniqueness & Perfection in every small detail!


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