Kastelorizo Wedding | Little Paris of Greece | the12events


A Kastelorizo wedding … One of a kind !!!

Have you ever witnessed a speed wedding in the making? Well, judging from the impeccable results in the wedding of Javier and Julie you cannot tell the difference from a long term planned one!

The Twelve Events Team went through intensive preparations to ensure the dream day of this adorable and always-smiley couple was nothing less than what they imagined.

The couple hired astonishing Gulet boats in order to bring their guests all the way from Turkey to the magical Kastelorizo in a traditional and luxurious three-masted wooden sailing vessel.

Kastelorizo was a destination which captivated everyone’ s attention as the colourful scenery of the island was unfolding in front of their eyes. The turquoise blue of the waters, the emerald green of the nature and the bright colours of the local houses completed in perfect harmony the white, elegant touch of Javier and Julie’s wedding.

Being a relaxed, intimate wedding for them and their closest family and friends, white roses, olive tree branches and pale shades of pink chrysanthemum were prominent in the décor. Baby’s breath was filling up the venue beautifully giving off the laid back vibe this wedding was all about.

It was a day full of laughter, unique memories were made and lots of love filled the space…



Bride & Groom : Julie & Xavier |  Photographer : Lambros Papanikolatos | Location: Kastelorizo Island