Lazarou Beach Sifnos


Planning a destination wedding in Greece? Then you do not have to be anxious about celebrating you luxurious wedding in Sifnos island with a fabulous Sifnos island wedding. Our Lazarou beach wedding planner services are here for you and most precious ones, to ensure one of the most exclusive and unique wedding venues in Sifnos will host your sublime affair.

Tailor-made designed to frame your dream day, Sifnos destination is renowned for celebrating a milestone – such as wedding, an anniversary, an elopement or a birthday party – our Sifnos wedding planner services are designed and dedicated to lovers of elegance and class, but also for high-end Greece weddings. Our priority is to enrich your Lazarou beach wedding with the perfect details, floral arrangements, entertainment and memorable experiences. Whether you wish to enjoy a luxury micro-wedding in Sifnos island, or a grand, luxury wedding in Lazarou beach, your vision will turn to a seamless reality.

Without a doubt, every wedding in Sifnos, is filled to the brim with elegance and romance. Our destination wedding clients adore it for the amorous ambience of the island and its welcoming residents establishing the ideal conditions for them to have on the island the wedding of their dreams. Exchanging your vows in front of a small country chapel by the sea or in an old pious church with a breath taking over stones olive trees and the Mediterranean blue sea, but allow us to let you know that Sifnos weddings are way more than just that. Ideal for a 3-day destination wedding in Greece Sifnos island will offer to you and your guests once in a lifetime experiences which you will keep deep in your memory for ever. The local Sifnos cuisine, the atmospheric villages on top of mountains with the views of the bougainvillea climbing in white house walls with the endless blue sea as background will always accompany you. As your Lazarou beach wedding planners, we will make sure no detail, no matter how minute is left to chance. Every element and detail from your wedding florals, to your Lazarou beach wedding reception, to your entertainment and the culinary unique and royal treatment of your guests is bound for perfection. 

We can’t wait to help you plan your nuptials in Sifnos island. Allow our Lazarou beach wedding planning services to give you guidance throughout your entire destination wedding in Greece, your Lazarou beach wedding party and your post-wedding brunch in a wonderful beach.  We have already begun to accept wedding planning bookings for Lazarou beach weddings in 2021 and 2022, so contact us directly to let you in on the most exclusive wedding destination in Greece.

Lazarou Beach offers spectacular view and turquoise crystal blue waters, which you can enjoy by overlooking from the chic well reputed restaurant that is famous for its cuisine, as well as for its outdoor surroundings, designed on stone and arbors. You are welcome to savor authentic Sifnos’ traditional dishes, among which “mastelo”, fresh fish and local appetizers. It is worth to mentioning that the majority of the main dishes are prepared in a traditional wooden stove.


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