Nafsika Estate Santorini


Planning a destination wedding in Greece? Then you do not have to think twice about celebrating your luxurious wedding in one and only Santorini island with an out-of-this-world Greece wedding. Our Nafsika Estate Santorini wedding planner services are here for you and your loved ones, to make sure one of the most exclusive wedding destination not only in Greece but also in the world will host your sublime true love story.

Flawlessly designed to frame your big dream day, Santorini destination is worldwide known for celebrating a milestone – be it a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday – our Nafsika Estate wedding planner services are designed for lovers of style, romance and atmosphere but also for high-end Greece weddings. Our priority is to implement your Nafsika Estate wedding with the most magnificent details, florals, entertainment and exclusive experiences & memories. Whether you wish to have a luxury micro-wedding in the most popular Greek island, or a grand, luxury wedding in Nafsika Estate, your vision will become a seamless reality.

Without a doubt, every wedding in Nafsika Estate is filled to the brim with gracefulness. Our destination wedding clients love the island for the steeped in the up-hill gorgeous villages, the whitewashed with blue details picturesque houses and one of the most famous sunset all over the world, but let us say that Santorini weddings are so much more than that. Just perfect for a 3-day destination wedding in Greece Santorini will spoil you and your guests with the most upstaged experiences, Michelin-starred cuisine with the amazing wineries and the luxury services this island offers. As your Nafsika Estate wedding planners, we will make sure no detail, no matter how minute is left to chance. Every element from your wedding floral arrangements, to your Nafsika Estate reception, to your entertainment and the culinary royal treatment of your guests is bound for perfection.

We can’t wait to help you plan your nuptials in Nafsika Estate and oversee your wedding preps in a hotel or villa suite with contemporary décor and minimal style where the sun of the Aegean Sea lighting your face. Allow our Nafsika Estate wedding planning services to give you guidance throughout your entire destination wedding in Greece, your Nafsika Estate wedding party and your post-wedding brunch in a sandy or a colourful pebble beach.  We have already begun to accept wedding planning bookings for Nafsika Estate weddings in 2021 and 2022, so contact us directly to let you in on the most exclusive wedding destination of the world.

Ample outdoor space featuring a large pool for lively swims or utmost relaxation on the sun- loungers by the pool. Outdoor barbecue facilities are available for sumptuous meat or fish barbecues, prepared by the estate’s executive chef.

Depending on the occasion and the guests’ desires, the outdoor space can be used for romantic dinners, family gatherings, parties with friends or even wedding ceremonies and receptions, overlooking the Aegean sea.



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