Villas in Porto Heli

While not as internationally celebrated as Mikonos or Santorini, Porto Heli nonetheless enjoys a certain degree on local fame as a popular summer destination for Greeks and other Europeans. With a rich history stretching back to ancient Greece and a vibrant restaurant and café scene, Porto Heli has managed to retain some of its small fishing village charm. Located in the southern Peloponnese region of Greece, Porto Heli can be reached from Athens via car, bus, or ferry in around two and a half hours. Just five minutes across from Spetses, in mainland Greece, surrounded by beautiful nature, some of the most beautiful villas in Greece have been built. Architectural styles vary from St. Tropez-like architecture to contemporary masterpieces. Conveniently located, these villas offer the convenience to enjoy Spetses, while being able to make exploratory trips in the Peloponnese.