Bassa Maina Mani


Planning a destination wedding in Greece? Then there are not many places where you feel you star in a knights-and-princess movie like celebrating your luxurious wedding in Mani peninsula with an out-of-this-world Peloponnese wedding. Our Bassa Maina wedding planner services are here for you and your loved ones, to make sure one of the most unique wedding destinations in Greece will host your sublime affair. 

Spotlessly designed to frame your memorable day, Mani peninsula destination is renowned for celebrating a milestone – be it a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday – our Bassa Maina wedding planner services are designed for lovers of uniqueness and romance with a feeling of “lost in time” this amazing destination offers, but also for high-end Greece weddings. Our priority is to implement your Bassa Maina wedding with the most fabulous details, floral arrangements, entertainment and exclusive experiences. Whether you wish to have a luxury micro-wedding in Peloponnese, or a grand, luxury wedding in Bassa Maina, your vision will become a seamless reality

Without a doubt, every wedding in Mani peninsula is filled to the brim with elegance, history and class. Our destination wedding clients love it for the steeped in mythology region, the marble-clad pedestrian streets, the stoned built towers and nods to the view overlooking the glitz of Limeni bay, the lush olive groves and sense of time-travelling but let us say that Bassa Maina weddings are so much more than that. Just perfect for a 3-day destination wedding in Greece Mani will spoil you and your guests with the most upstaged experiences, local unique cuisine with the salt coming out from rocks just in front of your eyes and ancient Greek & Medieval Byzantium elements all over the peninsula. As your Bassa Maina wedding planners, we will make sure no detail, no matter how minute is left to chance. Every element from your wedding florals, to your Bassa Maina wedding reception, to your entertainment and the culinary royal treatment of your guests is bound for perfection. 

We can’t wait to help you plan your nuptials in Bassa Maina and watching you exchanging vows in a place where time seems to be in no rush and your magical moment will find its place to your heart and your guests could never forget such a scenery. Allow our wedding planning services to give you guidance throughout your entire destination wedding in Greece, your Bassa Maina wedding party and your post-wedding brunch in a beach or a tower terrace.  We have already begun to accept wedding planning bookings for weddings in 2021 and 2022, so contact us directly to let you make a fairy-tale true in one of the most magical wedding destination in Greece.

The elegance, style, stunning location and impeccable services and amenities of Bassa Maina, all make it the ideal retreat for incredible holidays combined with memorable events of any kind.