If you have been planning an exclusive fete anytime within 2020, chances are that a luxury micro-wedding in Greece might just be the smoothest way into modern destination-nuptials.

WAIT, A MICRO-WHAT-ING? Although the term may sound relatively new to many, the entire concept behind having a micro wedding is hardly a novelty. Often confused with elopements (which are by nature curtailed, intimate I do’s) micro weddings involve all the elements, including the symbolic or religious ceremony, the venue reception, the photography sessions, the rituals and traditions. In other words, everything a a full-blown wedding celebration is all about, only with much fewer guests. Below you will find 5 aspects of a luxury micro-wedding that you may wish to think about before sending your fewer (but oh so lavish) invites.

A LUXURY MICRO WEDDING IS ABOUT MORE INTIMATE BUT INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCES The bride and groom actually have the same opportunity to design an exclusive line of elaborate events for them and their guests to enjoy, the only difference being that they have even more time to spend with their closest and dearest, given the fact that the guest list is no more than 30 people. Be it a sailing trip across the Aegean, a lavish garden bash at the most luxurious venue, a private tasting, executive chefs and entertainment, plush gifting, A-list photography & cinematography, pre-wedding party , post-wedding brunch, 5-star accommodations or all of the above, a luxury micro-wedding can be about anything the couple has been dreaming of!

LUXURY MICRO WEDDINGS ARE AS INTENTIONAL AS FULL BLOWN EVENTS. Just because the guest count is smaller, the style and purposeful scheme doesn’t have to be undersized. In fact, a luxury micro wedding can come with even bolder design, the most exquisite blooms and decorative elements, luxury gastronomy, linens, tableware and tailored paper goods, while going for a theme becomes a breeze. To top it all, many a venue will be able to accommodate a lavish micro wedding even more thoughtfully, as size is always essential in defining the exact location your events can take place. This is exceptionally true with exclusive resorts and hotels which may not be able to accommodate a large-scale luxury wedding.

That said planning a luxury micro wedding will turn out to be so much hassle-free in terms of timing. Getting 100 people to be free on the same day almost definitely requires choosing to have a weekend wedding. The plus of a micro wedding is that you can be more flexible with how and where you say I do. A weekday wedding will be easier to nail with 20-30 people on your list and renting out a luxurious villa for all your guests is way more plausible.

SO, WHY NOW? Need we say more about the new 20ies? There’s obviously everything about this year that made micro weddings so popular on a global scale and if we want to be frank about it, not everyone wished to wait for the next or go through the rescheduling process in order to have their luxury destination wedding in Greece. We began receiving requests: Is a luxury micro wedding in Greece possible? And of course the answer was: Yes!



Photos by :

Anna Roussos

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Sotiris Tsakanikas 

Giannis Saroukos

Nikos Psathogiannakis