You’re probably thinking that once you decide to tie the knot in Mykonos you have to hop on board the utterly extravagant train. Let us say that this Mykonos Rustic Villa wedding will convince you that no matter how exorbitant parties can get on the island of the winds, your luxury wedding only needs a touch of fanciful and tons of grand. Starting off with a dream venue, Ewelina and Dimitrios opted for a private villa perched on the edge of the cliff, as its absolutely cinematic vistas simply take one’s breath away. Think endless cascading hills that at the touch of sunset turn from a honeyed plain to molten gold and starry nights where lights dance you away under endless starry skies. To paint their special picture even prettier we threw in some magic with gigantic fluorescent blooms that started to glow soon as the party began, a celebration where classic tones met luxurious accents of whites and greenery, strings of fairy lights and poolside bliss! The privacy of the villa allowed our couple and their very dearest ones to spend the night dancing till the wee hours, something that once you’re on party land is a total must! See everything below, documented by Elias Kordelakos.

Bride and Groom: Ewelina & Dimitris | Photographer: Elias Kordelakos | Venue: Private Villa (Villa Mathilde)