Geographically speaking, it feels like Australia is directly flip-flopped from Greece. But wedding style-wise? Not so much! Brides and grooms down under routinely inspire style wanderlust in us Mediterraneans, keen to embrace Oz’s effortlessly chic style! So when our two lovebirds Rebecca and Luca contacted us for their Big Day we instantly knew that a modern elegant wedding at the Island Athens Riviera Private House would be in the works! This beautiful couple wished to go sentimental, curated details, glam accents, and décor in a location that would blend city sleek with seascape vistas. Adding a dab of Grecian – olive leaves for their church decor and wedding wreaths was enough, as the rest of their celebration moved towards easy luxury. Australian brides love to include native blooms in their bouquets and floral arrangements, and they are stunning! We, of course, obliged, creating ambiance in Rebecca and Luca ‘s flowers, and brought nature inside, with wild branches – an awesome addition to weddings held any time of the year as they are versatile and textural and come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. The key to their unique wedding decor was the juxtaposition of textures and styles, which created an utterly chic and eye-catching combination. Want to see how? Head below to view it all through the lens of their wedding photographer Nikos Psathogiannakis.

Bride and Groom: Rebecca & Luca | Venue: Island Private House | Photographer: Nikos Psathogianakis