Organic Wedding in Greece |Shooting|the12events


It was a lovely day at the horse-farm, somewhere in the Peloponnese… After enjoying a ride with the horses, The Twelve Events team started setting up the place to replicate the ideal organic wedding in Greece to the benefit of the professional photographers gathered there to sharpen their skills and train for their future ventures!

With such a demanding and high-standard “audience”, our work had to be focused on the details. The setting took place in the open air but also inside the barn, giving two sides of the rustic but also exclusively focusing on the organic aspect of the theme itself, set by us, together with the master photographer and expert professional of the wedding photography, Sotiris Tsakanikas.

All-white flowers and greenery set the colour tone, combined with the simple but elegant dishware, chosen especially for the occasion, and gave a fresh feeling that highlighted the beauty of the landscape. Buttercups and veronicas in every vase, wild greenery enhancing the elegance of the arrangements and, all around, wood, stone and grass… the ultimate surroundings to match with the theme!

A perfect day, a perfect location, a perfect setting and a perfect company of people sharing one single passion… creating and capturing perfect moments for couples in love!




Bride & Groom : Models /  Photography : Sotiris Tsakanikas/ Location : Secret Location in Peloponnese