The Ultimate Boho Chic Wedding In Sifnos | Sifnos Weddings


Three days lost in a dream… a wedding where time and space melted into love.

The Greco-Argentinean couple followed the preparations and closely collaborated with us –the bride being a designer herself– in order to plan and decorate a three-day feast that seemed to be made in heaven…!

An Ultimate boho chic wedding in Sifnos …!

The young couple invited their friends to the island of Sifnos and offered an experience none will ever forget. The feast began with a traditional tavern evening the day before the big event: small light bulbs everywhere, simply but to perfection set tables right under the trees, on the beach and live popular Greek music created a typically Greek and amazingly fun ambience that conveyed to everyone an authentic taste of the Aegean.

The evening of the wedding, which took place in an old monastery in the mountains, was where real magic came into the picture: live jazz music for the reception around the pool and then… A dinner space made from scratch, with strips of fabric and fairy lights creating the outline of the area and at the same time a starry sky, haystacks covered with linen instead of chairs, green garlands running across the table and the unrivalled amount of five thousand candles in antique and vintage candle-holders everywhere created an atmosphere that can hardly ever be forgotten by anyone present. The party that followed was totally out of this world: a neo-hippie, boho-style feast on the beach with bonfires, keeping everyone warm, and cushions, forming many little special corners for everyone to rest ensured that the guests got into a super festive and at the same time laid back mood that continued all night long.

The next day a brunch, under the shadowy surface of a Bedouin tent, installed at the beach! An installation that remained there from day one till the end of the three-day feast… The beach was transformed -for as long as the couple and their friends were there- into a small oasis, taken out of the thousand and one nights…

A big project and months of careful and intensive preparations culminated to this modern fairy tale-ish celebration of a young couple in love… with each other and with the magic of life itself!




Bride & Groom : Morgane & Nikos/  Photography : Magdalene Kourti & More / Location : Verina Villa & Elies Resort