White Buddha Bar Mykonos Wedding Party |Santa Marina Resort


The dinner party that took place on a summer evening at the Santa Marina was so refined and luxurious that could easily be the most perfect setting for a Buddha Bar Mykonos Wedding Party. The couple made sure that everything was perfect for them and their guests and we did our best to create an evening most memorable for wich we are so proud of!

Intimacy is the ultimate luxury at the Santa Marina Buddha Bar, in Mykonos and a wedding taking place at this magical place cannot but be the definite exclusive event…

A super elegant setting, that matched the stunning beauty of the Aegean sea –opening up before the terrace– with the under-toned luxury of the Buddha Bar, highlighted the lavishness of the reception dinner and set the tone for the evening.

Gracefully white with a touch of gold… the surrounding space looked absolutely stunning! A mix of hydrangeas and chrysanthemums combined with a seemingly endless line of candles made the long single table sparkle and conveyed a hearty feeling, slightly warming everyone on this breezy summer evening.

Wild white Orchids and candles in glass tubes everywhere matched the illusion of transparency created by the mirrors, reflecting the endless blue of the sea, and gave the place an extra touch of magic.

Chic simplicity in its purest form, an exclusive venue reserved for friends, a breath-taking landscape… This cannot be but perfection itself!



Bride & Groom : Private /  Photography : George Kostopoulos / Location : Buddha Bar Mykonos