Greek wedding Bliss at Island Grand Ciel | Dimosthenis & Marilia

  Dimosthenis and Marillia’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of love and commitment. The ceremony took place in the stunning church of the Panagia Faneromeni, a magnificent church that added a touch of grandeur to the occasion. After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests made their way to the Island Grand Ciel, a perfect...

Keshia & Pete | Athenian riviera | Island C- Lounge

Elegant! That is the word that came in our mind when we saw the gorgeous bride Keshia. Keshia & Pete just reminded us how romanticism looks like. They had a really strong bond between them. They share a close, intimate relationship which is really rare. Rare is the perfect word that we can describe the Athenian...

Love of tomorrow at Island Private house | Bola & Frank

Bola & Frank couldn’t think to be Mr & Mrs without their best friends. Side by side or miles apart, Bola and her bridesmaids are connected like souls. Frank and his best men have a bond relationship based on love. Before their really special moment they were sharing together moments which are so rare in...

Two hearts that beat as one in Island Residence | Georgia & Christos

If faith has an important role in your life, your marriage is not only a union between 2 people. But faith as well. When we are talking about weddings we believe that a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. It requires faith, love, attention and many efforts. That’s...

“A fallen star” Athens destination wedding | Iryna & Karim

A fallen star! This was the first thought & impression of everyone while watching our gorgeous bride, Iryna, walking down the aisle towards to the man who was the chosen one to have this star-Iryna forever to his heart. A fallen star! This would be the first impression of our handsome groom, Karim, when he...

Red of passion & love Athens destination wedding | Polina & Milan

  Athens is blue. But Athens is Red as well when it comes to Love & Passion. This amazingly colored design with flowers representing the love of our beloved couple, Polina & Milan, will stay in everyone’s mind who was present at this day. The beautiful couple exchanged their vows of love between full rich...